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Avoid Inhalation and ingestion of lead dust. Home Inspections can undertake sampling of paint and/or lead paint dust to identify if there is a presence of lead. Excessive exposure to lead has long been recognized as a hazard to health and can lead to lead poisoning. Paint in older buildings can contain lead as this was used as pigments in the paint itself and was also used as pre-preparation in primer paints. Deteriorated paint is considered any paint that is chipping, chalking, cracking, peeling and bubbling. These conditions can cause the the exposure of the lead paint that was used prior to 1978.

EPA and HUD have explicit regulations and guidelines with acceptable levels of lead dust that are considered to be safe for you, your family and your tenants.

Our expertise is testing your property to ensure the lead dust levels are within the acceptable ranges to ensure the safety of all occupants.


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Lead Paint sampling by the experts.

Lead has been known to be a toxin for over 100 years, although it was still available for use in the USA until 1992. Lead paint was used because of it’s vibrant colors, durability and resistance to weather and mold. Although the use of lead paint in residential buildings stopped in 1978 it is still used on bridges, water towers, some oversea manufactured toys and household pottery.
It is often found on windowsills, doors, doorframes, skirting boards, banisters, metalwork and even on plastered walls in houses built prior to 1978.
At Philly Lead Inspectors we offer a Lead Dust Sampling service to test for  the presence of lead dust that may exceed the EPA and HUD standards in your property. Call us now for more information @ (267) 225-5122.

Professional Home Lead Inspectors


What exactly is a Lead Dust Sampling Test and Inspection?

A lead paint inspection and lead dust sample test is designed to answer two questions: "Is there deteriorated paint present in the housing unit?" and "Is the level of lead dust within acceptable EPA and HUD limits?"

Our team will perform a visual inspection to ensure that the paint has not deteriorated. As long as the paint is encapsulated we will perform a lead dust sample test. This is most commonly performed on the windowsills and the floors under the windowsills.

These services are most appropriate for individuals who are faced with  the following situations:

  • People considering renovation, remodeling, or demolition work that would disturb painted surfaces and may generate lead dust hazards unless proper precautions are followed.
  • Home sellers desiring specific information about lead for marketing purposes.
  • Home buyers or renters who want to know if the lead dust present is within allowable limits and the locations in the home.
  • Rental property owners seeking a lead-safe certification from an EPA certified technician in order to comply with housing laws.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Law requires the removal or covering (encapsulating) of lead paint hazards in rental properties built before 1978 that are tenant occupied. As of October 1, 2020, all Philadelphia residential rental units are required to have a lead-safe certification repeated every 4 years. As of 2022, Norristown and New Jersey also made this a requirement in all rentals. Landlords will need proof of this certification in order to maintain their rental licenses in these areas. Owners are responsible to comply with these laws.

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,If you’re an owner of a single residential household built prior to 1978, or a landlord who owns one or multiple rental units and needs to comply with current laws Philly Lead Inspectors can help.
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