A Company That Is at the Forefront of Lead Inspection

Philly Lead Inspectors are experts in lead inspections and lead dust sampling and service the Philadelphia, Norristown and South New Jersey areas.

Our team uses the latest technology and techniques and has access to the best laboratories in the state. Over the years, we have built a reputation for our professionalism and excellent customer service.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best, quality services in this industry.

Core Values

  • Dependability
  • Health Consciousness
  • Integrity

Trust in Our Team

New laws that involve our business are continuously changing and being approved. In fact, recent law passed in Philadelphia, Norristown and New Jersey have gone into effect from October 1, 2020 to the present. This is why our team strives to be updated on all the different laws and requirements in our industry.

Our Certified Inspectors

Michael and Marsha

Marsha Spak

Tel: (267)225-5122
After studying business and real estate at Drexel University and Temple University, serial entrepreneur Marsha Spak started her career in real estate as a realtor. Marsha has been self-employed in various capacities for the last thirty (30) years; first (1st) owning a residential cleaning company and then opening the Washer & Dryer Connection (a three (3) store appliance center that was opened for twenty (20) years before it was sold to a long-time Employee); and then managing her own real estate holdings. In 2008, Marsha sold all of her holdings and started a non-profit venture called Parents Involved; which collaborated with the School District of Philadelphia to re-establish and re-build the Parent/Teacher Associations within the District. Parents Involved successful lobbied and fundraised to install HVAC systems at Greenberg Elementary; raising lines of credit and donations from Home Depot and donated labor from local business to get the system installed.
Partnering with her life-partner, Michael Husik, Marsha has helped to build Philly Lead Inspectors based on 35 years of understanding the importance of safety issues and comfort for all tenants and residents of the more than 100 units we currently service as well as offering outstanding customer service.
When not in the office, Marsha can be found refinishing antique furniture, repurposing furniture, spending time with Michael and their family and caring for their beloved granddaughters.

Michael Husik

Michael Husik has been a self-employed photographer 45 years, photographing prominent executives and politicians in the Philadelphia area. As an accomplished photographer, he was honored with solely displaying his work at the “Faces of Philadelphia” show at the Liberty One Building and The Bourse Building. All portraits were donated to the Philadelphia Library and are still there today.
As an advocate for children’s health, Michael became interested in the prevention of lead poisoning which afflicts 1 in 40 children. Michael and his life partner, Marsha Spak started Philly Lead Inspectors LLC as way to educate landlords and tenants on the danger and devastation lead poisoning can have on children, particularly under the age of 6. He seeks to promote state and local lead poisoning prevention strategies and has been committed to targeting his services in communities in and around the Philadelphia area.
Michael still has a love for photography. He enjoys antiques and collectables, furbishing slot cars and spending time with Marsha  and his family.

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If you’re an owner of a single residential household built prior to 1978, or a landlord who owns one or multiple rental units and needs to comply with current laws Philly Lead Inspectors can help.
Contact us at: ‪(267) 225-5122 and feel secure that your property is Lead Safe.‬‬‬‬‬